How Do Bail Bonds Work In California?

how do bail bonds work

Under the Fifth Amendment, a person is presumed innocent until found guilty. The prosecution carries the burden of proving that the defendant is guilty of the charged crime. However, the courts cannot expect that a person who is charged with a crime will always return to trial on their own recognizance.  For this reason, when […]

What Are the Misdemeanors That Prevent Employment?

a man in a suit and tie taking interview and checking records-misdemeanors that prevent employment

You may be looking to start over, maybe start a new job. However, you’re concerned that your criminal record may hinder your chances of finding one. Depending on the job, this may be the case, however, there are some laws that will help to mitigate the misdemeanor on your criminal record. This article navigates the […]

Is Identity Theft A Felony?

Man stealing info from the laptop- is identity theft a felony ?

You may have seen a commercial or advertisement for products that can help a person protect their identity and for a good reason. According to the Federal Trade Commission, “in 2023, there were more than 1 million reports of identity theft received through the FTC’s website.” Identity theft is a crime that has become […]

Assault with A Deadly Weapon [PC 245]

a man hiding a gun in his pocket- assault with a deadly weapon

California makes a distinction between an assault and an assault with a deadly weapon. The penalty differs depending on who is being assaulted. The article goes through the laws surrounding hazing. This article will break down the laws under California Penal Code Section 245 – Assault with A Deadly Weapon. What is an assault? An […]

How To Check If Your License Is Suspended In California? [2024 Rules]


The most common reason for a driver’s license to be suspended is because it is the result of committing a previous violation or offense. License suspension is both a consequence as well as a penalty in and of itself. Driving with a suspended license can lead to further hearings in front of a judge and […]

How Long Does A DUI Stay On Your Record In California [2024]

cops asking for driving license- how long does a dui stay on your record

Driving Under the Influence (DUI) is not a minor offense. It can be charged as either a misdemeanor or felony – both of which carry jail or prison time. After the sentence is served, the conviction does not go away. The driver’s records will reflect the conviction. This means that anyone can look up the […]

Can You Refuse To Show ID To The Police In California?

is california a stop and id state

You are walking down the street and a police officer comes up to you and asks for you to show your ID. You prefer not to show your ID, but you know that there are exceptions to the Fourth Amendment, which does not allow for unreasonable searches and seizures, and you’d prefer not to get […]

DWI vs DUI: Know The Difference


Driving is not a right, but a privilege. Therefore, if a driver does not obey the state and federal laws regarding road safety, the driver can lose his driver’s license. In addition to the legal consequences, there are additional consequences that a driver may meet if they are charged with a crime, especially if the […]

What Are The Penalties Of Assaulting A Police Officer?

assaulting a police officer

Assaulting a police officer is not taken lightly in a court of law. Given the nature of their job, harming a police officer while they are performing their duty is considered a crime. In this article, we will define what an assault is, who is included under this category, as well as the penalties for […]

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