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“The Law Office of David Faulkner is my version of the Legal Dream Team. I never could have reached a successful conclusion without the professional representation this firm provided me with. My experience with the Law Office of David Faulkner was positive from the first moment I consulted with David. I am pleased to give David my highest endorsement! He has been extremely responsive by email and phone, responding immediately every time. His answers to my questions are always clear, complete, and demonstrate a sophisticated knowledge of the case and the intricacies involved. Would I recommend this firm to others? In a heartbeat! I am very pleased with the results of my case.”
“Words can’t express how thankful I am for Mr. David Faulkner’s help. I have made some bad decisions in my past which I have since overcome. Today I went to court on my own, attempting to expunge my record. Well, lo and behold my request was denied simply because I’m not familiar with the law and most big words used in court. As I was leaving an “angel in a suit,” Mr. David Faulkner stopped me and said he could help me. He so happened to be there in the courtroom as the Judge was speaking to me, so he knew what was happening about my case. He took me back into the courtroom and spoke to the Judge, Probation Officer, and the District Attorney. He was able to show them their mistakes and how they overlooked some important factors in my paperwork. In the end, the Judge granted my request for expungement and the Probation Officer even apologized to me. Mr. Faulkner fought for me and I wasn’t even his client, so just imagine what he does for his clients. This just goes to show you there are still good people out there and Mr. Faulkner is definitely one of them. He came to my rescue even though he did not have to. Not only is he personable, and easy to talk to, but he is a very intelligent individual and really knows what he is doing. I am so grateful for all his help! Thank you Mr. Faulkner.”
“We never know when we will require legal advice, at some point some will make a mistake and that mistake creates consequences. I made a mistake and I took full responsibility for my actions on February 7, 2014. Two years later, David Faulkner, was able terminate my probation one year early and dismiss my mistake. David Faulkner should be the only attorney to call when anyone is facing any type of criminal allegations. After the initial consultation I was at peace with myself and I knew I had hired the best attorney in the City of Bakersfield. I will recommend David Faulkner to all my family and friends.”
“David recently represented my son in a not so easy case and got a not guilty verdict. He was very professional and personable at the same time. Always responded to our calls in a timely manner, kept us informed of what was going on and continues to do so. David cares about his clients and has stayed in touch even after. I would recommend him to anyone that needs a great attorney.
“With so many listings for lawyers its hard to know which one to choose. Mr. Faulkner was definitely the right choice for me! He was there with me every time I needed him and made sure I understood what was happening and what I needed to do. He got the best results possible for my case and I could not have asked for a better outcome.”
“I think that the Law Office of David Faulkner is the best law offices out there. He cares about you as a person and is willing to do what he can to help you with your case, and he fights for your rights. Thanks David Faulkner for everything you helped me with. Now I am doing much better things with my life.”
“Court is scary. The system is confusing. It thrives on fear and often feels like you are presumed guilty until proven innocent. You need an ally to navigate the process and protect your interests. David Faulkner is a compassionate attorney who will stand by you, but don’t mistake his humble and pleasant demeanor for weakness. He’s quick in court, with strong jury appeal and always does his research. David listened to my input and concerns and balanced that with his legal knowledge, putting me at ease. With him on my team, my fears were put to rest and the fight to protect my innocence was no longer an uphill battle. David believed in me and we took my case to trial, where I was found not guilty. I am forever grateful!”
“If you ever been on the wrong side of the law, and felt all alone, don’t give up. With the right kind of help you CAN fight. Remember! You are innocent until proven guilty. Growing up I’ve always been stereotyped and judged in negative ways. And one day on my way home from work, a C.H.P. officer did just that. So because of my appearance, my nice vehicle, and so called loud music. I was pulled over, taken out of my vehicle, given sobriety tests, then arrested for DUI. Although I was completely sober, my drug test came back positive. Six months later I find myself getting pulled over, once again by the exact same officer. Again he says I was stopped for loud music. Again I was arrested for all the same reasons as the first case. Something told me this officer was picking on me, and that he had done so to many others. Now having two identical DUI cases, I felt all alone. I thought there was nothing I could do. Not knowing what to do next I searched hundreds of fancy Attorney ads in the phone book. I came across one tiny ad that stood out the most to me. It was for Criminal Defense Attorney David L. Faulkner. After a 1 on 1 free consultation with him personally, I knew he was on my side and he would try his best to fight for me. He made me feel confident about winning my cases. So I hired him on the spot. It was a long hard battle. In both cases Mr. Faulkner found that the officer had put false information in his reports. When the CHP officer was on the witness stand, Mr. Faulkner confronted him over the false information. Mr. Faulkner told the court my cases should be dismissed and both times the judges agreed! Mr. Faulkner got it done and won both my cases. All charges were dismissed. So if you need an honest, caring, and affordable Defense Attorney that will fight hard to win your case. Look no further. I personally recommend the services of Criminal Defense Attorney David L. Faulkner. Hiring him as my Attorney was the best decision I’ve ever made. I am truly thankful for having him on my side. Not only will he be my Attorney for the rest of my life, He’ll always be a great friend. Thanks again David”
“David is a real down to earth guy. He stays in contact and takes pride in his work. He’s helped me so much with my case and never gave up. I think he might just be the best attorney in town!!!!”
“Just hearing the words you need an attorney is a scary thought. So much starts going through your head, but when I called the office of David Faulkner he took the time to really explain and keep me informed about my case. He showed me that he really cares for his clients and will do what he can to fight for your rights. I knew I had hired the right guy. Thank you David for getting me back to my family.”
“David, I just wanted to thank you again for your guidance and patience while helping me through the legal system. You really made things go easier than I had anticipated and your thoughtful guidance was truly appreciated! Your friend, Ben”
“Professional Knowledgeable Personable I would recommend Mr. Faulkner to anyone needing representation. I was very impressed with the service I received.”
“I had got myself in some trouble and was looking at some serious time so I contacted Dave. After about a year of court he got me off with 3 years probation I was more than happy with the results with no jail time. I also recommended Dave to one of my buddies and Dave took care of him.”
“David and his office staff are very professional. The communication about my case was immediately responded to. David was helpful and sensitive to my issues that arose and he addressed them immediately. I am grateful for such a good attorney and to David and his office for helping me get through this very difficult time. David explained everything during my trial as it arose. The amount of time dedicated to my case proved me not guilty.”
“Mr. Faulkner is very reliable. He gets the job done, and he gives the client what they are looking for. I was very happy with my results from Mr. Faulkner. He made things very easy and convenient for me.”
“About a year and a half ago I found myself in a jail cell intoxicated and I had no idea why. Once I sobered up I tried to remember what had happened that night. I had blacked out for the first time in my life and I had only been 21 yrs old for a few months. I was put in a situation where I had been charged with assault on an officer, drunk in public and resisting arrest. I was looking at serious charges. I had never been in trouble with the law and I was scared. I thank God to this day that I was referred to Attorney David Faulkner. I was a college student that had goals for my future and a criminal record could jeopardize everything I had going for me. Attorney Faulkner was able to negotiate a complete dismissal of my case after a period of 18 months of good behavior. Before the 18 months was up, I applied for acceptance into a nursing program. Attorney Faulkner re-opened my case and got it dismissed seven months early. Thanks to him I was able to get my case dismissed in time for my background check for the medical field program. Attorney Faulkner was always there when I needed to call him and ask questions and he always provided an answer. He was honest to me from the start and he showed me he wanted the best results for me. He was willing to do anything he could to get my case dismissed. He always took the time to explain everything to me in a way I understood. If I had to refer friends or family to an attorney, I would definitely refer them to Mr. Faulkner. I would want the best for my family and friends and I know by referring them to him, they would get the best service. He would make sure to go over and beyond for his clients as he did for me. I highly recommend his service to anyone out there. Thanks to Attorney Faulkner I can now be at ease with my future.”

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