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Comprehensive Legal Representation For Felonies And Misdemeanors

A misdemeanor criminal offense should not be discounted as a mere inconvenience. If found guilty, you could still be subject to harsh punishment. At the law office of David L. Faulkner, we know the effects a criminal conviction may have on your reputation, education, and profession. Our goal is to support you in defending your rights and your future.

The Different Types of Misdemeanor Offenses We Handle

Bakersfield misdemeanor lawyer David L. Faulkner has in-depth knowledge and understanding of criminal law. This experience is crucial as it helps in offering a strong defense to clients facing misdemeanor offenses. Some of these charges include trespassing, harassment, sexual misdemeanors, petty theft, prostitution, careless driving, domestic violence, and disorderly conduct, among many others.

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The Earlier the Legal Intervention the Better!

Our firm has successfully handled several cases, frequently avoiding jail time and limiting probationary conditions. Use this experience to your advantage. The earlier you contact our firm, the sooner we can start looking into the allegations against you and defending your rights. We can avoid a formal charge by taking preventative action.

Additionally, if you’re facing any violation regarding your rights, attorney David L. Faulkner will be able to have evidence excluded, suppressed, or perhaps the entire case dismissed. You should consult a lawyer as soon as you can after being detained.

Therefore, if you’re facing felonies and misdemeanor offenses, talk to our misdemeanor lawyer in Bakersfield. We’ll be able to offer helpful representation to assist you in protecting your rights per the law and reduce the impact of your criminal charges. Call us at (661) 324-4777 to schedule a free and helpful consultation, or email us at [email protected] to obtain full information regarding our services.

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