The offense of acquiring stolen goods comprises obtaining, purchasing, hiding, selling, or retaining the stolen goods from the owner. Furthermore, the prosecution must demonstrate that the individual charged knew the asset was stolen. Dealers and collectors of commodities or personal belongings, such as pawn shop owners, must investigate whether the asset is stolen. If no reasonable investigation is conducted, it will be assumed that the property obtained was stolen.

Concealing Stolen Assets

A person may be prosecuted for hiding stolen goods if they unknowingly obtain something, learn that it was stolen, and then keep it hidden. Assets do not have to be buried in the ground or hidden in the vault to be concealed. All that is required is that its exact location is hidden from its rightful owner.

Available Defenses

In these types of cases, defenses might be available. The only person who may assist you is a skilled criminal defense lawyer/possession of stolen property lawyer. For instance, obtaining stolen property to give it back to its rightful owner is not illegal. This defense, commonly referred to as the innocent intent theory, is frequently put out on behalf of a client by an accomplished attorney.

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This is just a single example, as other defenses are available when dealing with the possession of stolen property. Each case is distinct and has its features. The most beneficial and important thing you can do for yourself or someone you care about who is facing criminal charges is to hire the law office of David L. Faulkner, a skilled Bakersfield stolen property lawyer.

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