If you’re facing a drug crime charge, you can be overwhelmed by how a conviction will affect your future. You may fear finding a job or getting into college will be challenging. But there are many legal defenses to drug crimes.

If you’re convicted, there could be several ways to reduce your sentence or even dismiss your charges. A Bakersfield drug crime lawyer can help you explore your options and protect your rights.

How Does A Bakersfield Drug Crime Attorney Help with Your Case?

A criminal defense lawyer can help you in several ways. They include:

  • Taking care of the paperwork for you and ensuring it’s done correctly
  • Protecting your rights throughout the process
  • Helping negotiate with prosecutors or investigators to get the best possible settlement
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Types of Drug Crimes

Drug crime is a serious offense. If you’re facing any drug crime charges, contact a Bakersfield drug crime lawyer as soon as possible.

The following is a brief overview of the types of drug crimes you may get charged with.


If you’re caught with drugs on you, the prosecution will likely charge you with possession. Possession is a criminal charge classified as a misdemeanor or felony.


The prosecution will likely charge you with sales if you’re caught selling drugs. Selling drugs is a criminal charge with severe penalties that can result in jail time.


If you’re caught distributing drugs, the prosecution will likely charge you with distribution. This charge is more severe than being in possession. It is a felony and you may be facing prison charges.

Penalties for Drug Crimes in Bakersfield

If you’re facing charges because of a drug crime offense, knowing you have options is important.

The penalties for drug crimes can vary widely. They depend on the type of drug you were in possession of. Other factors include the amount and whether or not you have previous charges on your record.

You may face jail time, fines, probation, or even community service if convicted.

Understand Your Rights

We can help you understand your options when facing charges for drug crime offenses in Bakersfield.

Our drug crime lawyer will work hard to get the best possible outcome for your case, namely fighting to get your charges dropped or negotiating with prosecutors on your behalf.

Our firm takes pride in being accessible and responsive. So, if you have questions about what happened or need advice on what steps to take, we’re just a phone call away.

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