No matter the cost, some people stand firmly behind their decisions to divorce. However, identifying what to expect on a financial level can assist prepare them for the months to come.

While each divorce case is different and will cost every couple different amounts depending on their settlements and assets, the cost to file a suit is more anticipated.

Look at the county you’re filing in, initial court fees, and the chances of needing an attorney’s help to determine how much filling your separation case might cost.

Cost to File for Divorce in California

In order to file for a divorce case in California, you are required to follow the state court process. This method starts with the couple working together to find out if they can accept the terms of the divorce mutually through mediation.

If the partners agree on the terms without requiring facing the trial, they will save the amount on court costs. Having a one-party file instead of both parties also saves the amount.

Next, the person filing for divorce must file the official documents– the request for a divorce.

Petitioners need to pay a fee upon filing the initial documents for a separation.

In California, the first paper fee is $435. Petitioners pay this fee at the time of filing, and respondents will pay the same amount when they file the response against the petitioner.

After the initial payment, the petitioner will require to pay an additional $60 for every motion he or she wants to file.

For instance, filing a motion to ask temporary spousal support would cost the petitioner $60.

Filing a motion to change a child custody agreement comes with necessary mediation in California. This process comes with a fee of $25 on top of the $60 to file cost that becomes $85 total.

Finally, it costs $20 to file a stipulation and order with the court if both parties have their own agreement without requiring a hearing. If you are low-income and unable to pay the filing fee for divorce in California, you may request a fee waiver.

How to Save Money on your Divorce

Even if you are not qualified for a fee waiver, there are some other ways to decrease costs during a divorce case in California.

The best way to save fees is to serve with your partner to produce your own agreements, without court interference. While you will still require to pay the initial filing fees, you can save significant costs on legal fees and divorce trials.

As well as you can compromise on the divorce terms during mediation is an affordable way to get a divorce decree. Otherwise, you’re looking at a possibly expensive and lengthy court process.

Hiring Attorney and Divorce Cost

Hiring an attorney might cost more in legal fees, but ultimately, it could save you costs during the separation process. Having an attorney represent you could appear in more favorable child support, custody, and spousal support agreements, as well as fairer property division agreements.

Even if hiring an attorney costs more during the trial your divorce settlement could end in better financial stability for you in the future. Talk to our most experienced attorneys to discuss particular fees to weigh your options

We are truly aware of the burden of divorce expenses and we work hard to assist you to end your relationship without incurring huge bills.

Call us today to discuss with an attorney and learn more about how we can represent your file.

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