If you’re going through this post, there is a significant probability that you or a loved one has been accused of public intoxication. It might surprise you that public intoxication is even a felony in California because it is a low-level offense. In any case, it is.

Public Intoxication- CPC 647(f)

California Penal Code Section 647(f) contains the legal definition of public intoxication. If found guilty of a public intoxication offense, you might spend up to 6 months behind bars and pay a fine summing up to $1,000.

Public intoxication requires more than being inebriated in a public place. According to CPC 647(f), the state must establish the following for you to be found guilty of public intoxication:

  1. You were found in a public place;
  2. Being affected by drink or drugs; and
  3. Were you so drunk that you put yourself or others at risk or blocked a sidewalk, roadway, or other public space?

Additionally, the state, not you, has the burden of proof.

Many individuals who face public intoxication assume they can address the accusation on their own without the help of a knowledgeable public intoxication lawyer. They frequently consent to enter a guilty plea in return for receiving credit for time served.

public intoxication CPG 647

This typically implies they will be found guilty and may be sentenced to probation but no additional jail time. However, this is always a terrible idea because the individual in question will have a criminal conviction on their record even if it might have been prevented.

Later when someone runs a background check on you, they can see your history of criminal convictions. You may be barred from applying for some jobs and occupations if you have a conviction like this on your record. As such, if you or your loved one has faced charges of public intoxication in California, don’t hesitate to contact the law office of David L. Faulkner.

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Our Bakersfield public intoxication lawyer has immense experience to assist you throughout your case. Even though being drunk in public is not against the law, we’ll help you understand that certain actions could result in your arrest and criminal charges. Our lawyers will help you go through the process to ensure your charges are dismissed completely or reduced.

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